No more Exams!!!!!

You can feel the excitement, can’t you? Exams are finally over! 😀 Well, they only started yesterday but feels like forever with all that revision. OK, all that time I was putting off revision..! 😐

Now we can watch Shattered without feeling guilty, and I don’t have to get up at around 7 to give me lecture note reading time before the exam *guess who’s going to lie in tomorrow!*

Oh and I really want Claire to win!

Been feeling really creative today. Spent a lot of time on flash movie sites having a laugh (and freaking myself out … watch the whole movie), then I played with my food: (pic not on new site sorry)

I decided to make some funny pictures (they are SO funny! Ask Daniel!) 😀 but not gonna publish them, maybe I will when I finish the photo section, cos they are quite offensive to some of my friends hehe.

Tonight I am going to tidy my room and make my bed (at last! Been sleeping in an unmade bed lol rank, too busy to make it) and maybe stick some things on my walls (thought about cutting up my old Will Young calendar to paste his pretty face all over my walls lol).

What else can I do thats creative? Hmmmmm post your comments! (no-one will) it’s creativity month! woooooo

OK now I’m just freaking myself out

Haven’t even mentioned how I did in exams!

Welll…… Maths is hard. But at least I had a fair idea of how much I got. Seeing as I only need 40% to pass, I’m pretty confident.
Computer Systems sucks. Seriously. Perhaps I scraped through.
Java – piece of cake
Systems Engineering – I came here to program not babble on about designs and crap. Needless to say, it was hard to remember all the terms and things. Scrape through.

Good job I never have to do them again!! HaHaHAHAHA!HAHAHA!!!

Yeh now I’m just being silly. Why don’t any of my friends have blogs? Would be fun to see what they were doing/thinking.

Oh! And my re-occuring nightmare (which sometimes manifests itself into daymares – especially whilst playing Soul Reaver) came to haunt me in the Java exam!! It’s kinda a low, evil whispering. And the most annoying thing is I can hear what they are saying, but can’t interpret it! so the back of my mind knows what they are saying, and I know it when I hear it but then BOOM! Back to real life and I forgot what they said. Just like a dream. Now I’m making myself out to sound crazy, with the voices in my head. Daniel says they are whispering to me “public static… void main… string… args!!” (geeky joke don’t worry about it!)

Can’t get the Milk and Cereal song outta my head! It’s so annoying! But the people singing it are funny! Oh and you HAVE to see Japanese Ping Pong!! my life is better now I am trained in the arts of japanese ping pong.

By the way, if you don’t have T1/broadband (like meeeeeee) it will probably take several hours to load. Ha.

OK I’m going now, because my randomness is getting rather annoying (and I’m me!) but before I go, one more evil laugh:


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