Remember, Remember the 5th of November.. Gunpowder Treason and Plot!

Today started off with boring lectures. As per usual. Magnified by the fact that the lecturer kept going over the same stuff time and again, when we already knew it. Shut up already!! LOL.

If you look closely at the pics of the tickets in the previous post you’ll see they are both the same date! Something went wrong with Terry’s tickets so he got it sorted today – phew, thought for a moment there I’d only see him for 1 day lol.

He may even change the time he comes – so will be at 2.40 instead of 3.40, means more time together!! Only 1 full day until I get to see him again šŸ™‚ pity its a day full of classes, lectures and homework! LOL.

Was bonfire day today! Me, Jenny, Laura, Greg and some girl I don’t know (Paula was it? Can’t remember) went to see a fireworks display at the castle. Was pretty gd, altho the presenter guy was very annoying, and they played some crap songs lol.

Afterwards, we went to mine (me, jen and laura) and watched Cube (my 5th time this month hehe) was gd, then late night Hollyoaks (basically Hollyoaks with more stupid scenes and more sex). Was quite good! Watched “Nightwatch”, a horror film with Ewam McGregor in, involves Necrophilia :-S quite a sick film lol.

REALLY should go to bed early tonight! Still got a sore throat, had this cold for ages, not good šŸ™

Anyways, night

– Shaun

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