5 days…

..until Terry!

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Last Night

Daniel came round and watched Final Destination, also Cube (kick-ass film!! seen it like 4 times since I got it last week)

That’s about it.

– – – – – –

Today we didn’t do much, did the usual lecture-tesco-lecture routine, good old Pat taking us to Tesco (lol) used the really cool self-scan!! Except I bought some vodka, so had to be ID’d, which really makes the whole “money saving initiative” of self-scan quite silly really. It’s one step closer to sacking all the tesco staff – like Daniel said, you scan it yourself and PAY for the privalidge, rather than them pay you lol.

Watched Harry Potter 1 (in 2 parts) with Pat and Dan, then watched first half of Harry Potter 2 (exciting!). Didn’t really do much else. Ate this cheese thing Pat recommended but was HORRIBLE – I officially hate cranberries. Might add that to my list of hates.

Might start taking webcam pics of me every now and then, from popular demand! Will try to not make them all as boring as this one, might do some random things now and then! But here is one!

(sorry, no pics on new site)

food: breakfast, lunch: cheese sandwiches, tea: HORRIBLE cranberry & cheese thing (UGH), chips, mixed veg
recent activities: F/A
next events: friday: Terry!!!!

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