Things I’ve learnt so far…

Well I’ve been here over a month now, and here are the things I’ve learnt so far:

Cooking can be fun at first, but eventually gets on your tits especially when you just can’t be bothered to cook! Where are those ready meals…?

There’s nothing better than a friend.. unless it’s a friend with chocolate the first few weeks of being here I had no chocolate. But now, thanks to friends with chocolate, random penguins and visits from my parents, all our film nights are fuelled by chocolate!

Waking up on time is a good policy to adopt if only I could get up *before* Pat arrives at my door…

When making friends, it doesn’t matter about social standing we’re all from different backgrounds but that’s good – gives us more to talk about

People my age are more accepting “You’re gay? That’s cool!”

Students really know how to party I’ve never had more fun!

Money stretches further than I thought OK so the Excel spreadsheet of finances didn’t last long, but I certainly have enough spending money – at least if I don’t blow it all on DVDs/caps

Year 1 really is a pushover they practically give the marks away! Did I mention I got 98% for my first Java assignment?

Maths is evil lets never speak of it again

Late nights are practically compulsary I don’t even remember the last time I went to bed before 2am …

It’s like living in a bubble I haven’t seen my 6th form friends in SO LONG, and a call or txt from any of them really makes my day. But then again…

It’s not as bad I as thought it would be yeah I miss my friends but I don’t lose sleep over it. It’s like an extended holiday – you’re away from your friends and family but you’re having a fun time too, and you know you’ll see them soon!

Absence does make the heart grow fonder I really miss Terry and am REALLY looking forward to seeing him, I know it’s gonna be really great to see him again!

DVDs are a godsend the simplest and possibly most affective way of spending time with your new found friends, DVDs are excellent!

Brand names DO matter when it comes to things such as Pepsi, Lynx or Fairy, the brand name really DOES matter. None of this “paying for the name” crap, cheap alternatives just aren’t the same (most obvious example: coke that tastes like washing up liquid! It does!)

Uni is more “living” than “learning” its a transition from school to the big wide world of work/living on your own. Learning is just a minor detail

Nothing comes in small enough portions examples being my mountains of peas/beans that I have to eat because I don’t trust re-heating.

Mr Hayes was right it really is the best time you’ll have in your life – so enjoy it! I am!

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