Strangely depressed

I thought I was ‘strangely depressed’ the last couple of days but then I remembered something I’d read in a magazine: Most university students get depressed/homesick in the fourth week. And what week is it? Week 4. Maybe that’s why my stomach has been hurting? An unconscious feeling of anxiety? I don’t know!
I’m not particularly _homesick_ by the true meaning of the word, but am definitely missing my friends (and family!). Of course, Terry is the number one concern. Last night I stayed up until 4.15am talking on the phone to Daniel. Random!! We started chatting at 11pm, because the FUNNIEST thing happened and we had to talk about it (can’t explain here!). Then we just stayed on the phone the whole time we were on the net, until 3am when we realised this is the latest/earliest Dan’s stayed up for! So I congratulated him and then we stayed on for longer, trying to beat the record. We talked about loads of random things, including dreams (my scary repeating nightmares) and things like that, was really good! Then we stayed talking until 4.10 to see ITV1’s “nightscreen” which I didn’t believe existed! But it does! Wow!

While I was on the phone to Daniel last night, I was also chatting to Terry on MSN. Was really strange cos he was on MSN until like 2am, so uncharacteristic of him! I was really upset and tired, and we talked about some strange things (mostly trying to sort out the issues that I have with him!) and by the end of the night I felt like I didn’t have a boyfriend!! LOL so weird, but we are still fine. Haven’t talked to him since cos he’s got no credit so I am *so paranoid* about what he thinks of me now. I was being a bit weird, getting all of my insecurities out (planted there by Lee >:-( ) and I’m sure I must have weirded him out/pissed him off! But we’ll never split up – we’ve both said that. And I’m seeing him soon!!! 😀 am so looking forward to that!!

Did laundry again today, and I pulled a Laura – ie. put money in then pressed the dryer instead of the washing machine!! And the dryer already had someone else’s clothes in, so I couldn’t just use it to dry my clothes! After my colour-wash had finished, I decided to remove the random person’s clothes and put them in a different dryer, the one next to it, so they wouldn’t be too pissed off when they came back. And in true comedy style, as soon as I started moving the lady’s delicates into another dryer she walked in and was like WTF!? I gently explained to her what happened, and she was fine with it – but for a moment there she must have thought I was a pervert!! lol.

LAN party tonight! Should be interesting! Had better be good cos I’m sacrificing Cheezy Tunes for it!! LOL.

I’ve decided to make a quick summary thing of all what I’ve been doing, and make it a regular feature on my blog 🙂 enjoy!

food: breakfast, lunch: mondo, tea: readymeal
activities: laundry day, lunch with pat + dan
tonight? LAN party
next events: monday ‘barely legal’ night

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Sounds like fun, but wheres me piccies, and what exactly is a LAN party??

Nick [[email protected]] • 10/24/03 07:23pm/blockquote>

LAN = Local Area Network.
Hence LAN Party = Lots of ppl on a LAN playing games

Interestingly enough, when we signed up we got a kids “Party Bag” which had “LAN” scrawled on it, making it look like a “LAN Party Bag”. I thought was funny!

No piccies yet, not in the mood!

Shaun [shaun[at]shaunssite[dot]co[dot]uk] • 10/24/03 07:35pm

Congratulations to both of you for actually making it, to 04:10am, for Daniel I hope it’s the first of many nights of pleasure. Now al you have to do is begin all day then do all night, then you’ll really begin to enjoy the experience more, or maybe a few days and nights with out sleep, then you can truly begin to embrace the whole other world. Wait till sunrise and the hearing of the first crow of the day, now there is a wonderful sight and sound. Daniel’s just unlocked the door, now instead of just looking, it’s time to walk through it with you Shaun and experience everything, so come on Shaun, be his guide and start showing Daniel the wonders of the night:)

Take care of yourselves.

Count Mervyn [Confidential] • 10/25/03 05:24am

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