This is the greatest thing I have ever done. It’s 2.45am, we’ve been here over 5 hours, are well on the way to beating Dan’s “staying up late”ness and haven’t even played a multiplayer game yet. Then what, you are thinking, have we been doing for the last 5 hours? DOWNLOADING GAMES!! They have set up a server so you can download all the games they have for free (!!) and it’s really fast, I’ve got loads already! And they’re not just multiplayer games, but loads of different types, for example just downloaded “The Sims Platinum” (ALL the Sims add-ons including Makin’ Magic which isn’t even out yet!) and movies (I’ve got Finding Nemo!!!!!!!) it’s so amazing, and totally makes up for not having broadband in my room!*

One of the funniest things is, the guy who is running the server is sitting just a few metres in front of me to the left, and so we can hear everything he says. They are kicking the idle people off the server to keep bandwidth up, and a while ago I heard “someone’s gone idle, let’s kick him” then I started downloading something and they said “ahh no, he’s downloading” I was like gahhh
Then later, I went idle again and heard “Idler! Quick kick him!” me and Dan were laughing our heads off, cos it was me, and I was frantically searching for something to download, so I grabbed the first thing I saw and downloaded it, meanwhile he was trying to kick me, and I started downloading and was like *phew*!

Am gonna go back to downloading! Practically gonna fill up my harddrive with all this stuff! Need more CDs 🙂

– Shaun

*Any policemen reading, I plan on deleting all the downloads after a 24-hour viewing period.

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