Long time, no post..

Well I finally got my laptop back and an internet connection in my room! Altho whereas Dan is getting 900Kb/s in his room, I’m getting a measly 65k! Will have to take it up with the Computer Help Desk!!

I really haven’t got the time, energy or memory to go through what’s been going on day-by-day! So will sum a few things up!

Pat I Met Pat (Eddy’s friend who goes here) and been hanging around with him a lot, he’s in all the same lectures as me. Been getting to kno him he is really funny, a good mate… and he has a NEW MINI! LOL Terry is so jealous.. so he’s been giving us lifts into town and stuff. (BTW Pat is straight, altho you wouldn’t think it to look at him… lol)

Terry Missing Terry!!! Been emailing huge emails to eachother its really cool! But missing him!

Flatmates Been getting to know my flatmates more! Don’t know what I was worried about, they are all really cool!

Lectures Had my first couple of lectures! Well more than that, about 5! They are not too bad apart from one lecturer who I HATE so much! He is so boring and evil! LOL. And Maths is evil!! Yes I have to do a maths module! ARGH!

Internet The internet connection in the computer labs is like 10 times faster than broadband! Literally! So been downloading all games and stuff! So much fun! And I have GTA:Vice City on Laptop!!! Much better than PS2 version (I feel like a trator…)

Early Mornings Been getting up at like 8am!!!!

New phone I’m gonna get a new phone soon! Samsung P400! It’s damn sexy! But the o2 website isn’t letting people order stuff… crap..

Shopping Been doing my own weekly shop at Tesco! It’s so much fun! Walkin around with Dan and/or Pat, looking at all the food, comparing prices and nutritional values, and then cooking the food!!! It’s so exciting!! LOL I find myself getting excited about the next meal! Random lol. But it’s expensive!!

SU Bar Went to the SU (Student Union) Bar with Jenny and Lolly the other day, it’s quite expensive in there! (£2.10 for WKD!) but is ok! Had a good time and they have TIME CRISIS 2 and a DANCEMAT GAME!!

Eddy is being a twat

Freshers Fair I joined the “Multiplayer Gaming Society” (SO cool) and the LGB! There was this randomly old guy handing out condoms near the LGB stand and Pat said his eyes lit up when he saw me sign up! Every time we walked past him that day he was trying to get near me! UGH!

Loads more to tell, will talk about it later tho! Just watched “Me, Myself and Irene” with some of my flatmates 🙂

– Shaun

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