Cheezy Tunes

I really should get back into posting more often! I thought, now I have the internet in my room I will be able to blog every day again! Wrong! Been doing so much I haven’t the time to blog most nights! Which is why I’m here at 20 past midnight writing this 🙂

2 days ago I went to the LGB group. That was quite an experience. Having being used to the LGB at home (with about 6 people, mostly girls) I was surprised to see so many there (like 20 something, and that was just the ones that bothered showing up!). Earlier that day I had spoken to someone called Ross on MSN, he found my faceparty and saw that I was at uni – so is he, in his final year. I went to the LGB with him, and kinda clinged to him because I didn’t know anyone! Later I told Pat I was quite surprised that the girls were actually good looking, LOL. Met some nice guys, altho you could tell the ones who were just there for some random shags! And met a gay geek (Terry said “I thought I had the only one??!! lol). All in all was quite good, next event is Sunday @ Mondo 8 til late!

2 nights ago I went to one of the uni clubs for the first time! Me, Jenny and Laura first went to the SU Bar where we sat and drank vodka & diet cokes, chatting about films we are going to see, about general uni life etc.! After about an hour, we went along to LEVEL2 to check out “Cheezy Tunes”, the event that was on that night. The place wasn’t too bad, a little small (makes Zoots look massive) but there weren’t too many people there at the start. Apparently there were some technical difficulties, so to start with there was no cheezy pop at all, just some random songs! We started ordering double vodkas (it’s cheaper that way) and whereas I downed the whole thing in one go, Jenny and Laura took gentile sips hehe. Soon I was feeling quite tipsy (although not massively drunk) and was able to dance my heart away without feeling too embarrased! Saw some of the guys from the LGB there.. am starting to realise it’s true what everyone keeps saying, that after a while you will get to know everyone – it’s like a little villiage!

Cheezy Tunes ended at 12 (!! not very late) They ended the night in style.. with Joseph’s “Any Dream will do”.. hundreds of university students singing “ahh ahh!!!” lol. Afterwards we went to Jenny’s for some more music (were so disappointed that they didn’t play S Club!) and played drunken “Konami Hero Cards” which was fun (even tho I lost…). Got to bed at *ahem* 4.30am *ahem*

Today me and Dan checked out the games room (played Time Crisis 2, and discovered that Virtua Cop 3 is SO much better!!) before he came round and played Kingdom Hearts some more (!!!). After cooking tea (I cooked another tea! This thing I put in the oven, forget what it’s called, and rice and carrots! Domesticated Queen lol.) and washing up (!!) me, Dan, Jenny and Laura watched Jeepers Creepers (the first part of the film is really scary and quite original.. second half is shite) then watched Toy Story 2!!

Tomorrow’s Task: Laundrette!!

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