Finding Big Nemo, Kingdom Cheese

(-) Went to see Finding Nemo! Funniest Pixar animated film I’ve seen yet, going to see it again soon! I sat with Dan and Ross, and Lolly and Jenny sat together (couldn’t get seats together). Got a FN toy from MacDonalds, it laughs and sounds like a chicken, squirts water and all sorts. Great fun, I feel like I’m 12 again.

(-) Went to the BIG CHEESE, basically a bigger version of “Cheezy Tunes” on a saturday held in the UNDERGROUND – much bigger venue than LEVEL2 but bit of a hole!! Jemini played live: who the hell are they tho? Were crap! The shag-tag board was active, lots of gay messages (!!) and Ross posted a few messages too. Oh, and it was SUPERHERO themed, I didn’t dress up (just went as sexy me) but Ross was dressed up as Clark Kent! The night ended with some hardcore cheese – Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes, Nelly the elephant, the birdy song, etc! Was a good night, got in at about 2.15 and SLEPT!!

(-) Been playing Kingdom Hearts some more! I’m on level 93 now, have done all the optional bosses and everything else I can possibly do, and have almost got enough ingredients for the Ultimate Weapon! So I’ve almost done it 100% on NORMAL mode, next stop I’ve gotta finish HARD mode!

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