Pictures Galore!

Lots of pictures today! unfortunately you can’t see any of them on the new site. Sorry!!

(-) Check out my scar diary day 6 (for those of you who haven’t been following, its a scar on my head, nothing gross) as you can see it’s almost gone! Yay!

(-) Take a look at what I wore to the Big Cheese! Like it? Or not? Comment!

(-) The random guy from a lecture who I said I fancied, and Pat took a picture of with his phone – odd!

(-) A decent meal! As you can see, I am now a chef supreme! An “escalope” (whatever that is), chips, onion rings, Pepsi Max and of course Salad Cream!! No vegetables in this one, but I usually have peas/green beans/carrots 🙂

In other news, I managed to get all the characters to level 100 on Kingdom Hearts *and* get the ULTIMA WEAPON!! It kicks ass! I can now defeat Sephiroth as much as I like 😀

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