Bye-bye Firefox

I never thought I’d say goodbye to my once-loved Firefox, but when Apple released Safari 3, which works on Windows, which is also reported to be 2x faster than Internet Explorer, and faster than Firefox, I had no other choice!

Sorry about the lack of updates, been crazily busy lately (and you’ll soon see the fruits of my labour).. but today I am so excited about all the new stuff from Apple!

Note: Although I said “Windows”, I refrain from using it as much as possible nowerdays. I love our Mac!

3 responses to “Bye-bye Firefox

  1. It can be zippity in some pages, but in the age of broadband, who cares?
    *Ugly theme/buttons
    *Ugly window buttons (minimize/maximize/restore/close)
    *Clicking taskbar does not minimize it
    *”You haven’t entered anything in Google box” Geez, maybe I just wanted to intuitively go to
    *”great” Apple UI everywhere, for example, windows only resizable via bottom right.
    *Click on a .wmv, it opens in WMP. In IE7 or FF, they give choice to download or open, and FF even lets me pref to automatically download
    *Lack of favicons in bookmarks bar
    *RSS button unstandard. IE and FF have come to truce with this
    *no autoscroll
    *middle click doesn’t close tabs, open tabs from bookmarks bar
    *No “recently closed tabs”
    *no status bar by default
    *no inline spell check
    *no double click tab bar to get new tab
    *crashed twice already, FF crashes maybe once a week
    *no adblocking
    *no “google/yahoo search suggest”
    *backspace doesn’t go back
    *edit bookmarks name/address separately, huh?

  2. The new Safari is cool and it’s great there’s a Windows version now… but it’s still missing some basic stuff, like ad-blocking, customising the search box and that annoying thing where it always opens stuff in new windows instead of tabs!

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