Google AdSense sucks

You may notice that there are no more Google Ads on my site. This is because they suck.

After months of having them on my site, and earning over $60 (£30) they deactivated my account, giving the reason “fraudulent clicks” and took all my money away!

So I have nothing to show for having those crappy ads all over my site! Pah!

I’m not sure what the fraudulent clicks were – it COULD be me asking people to click on them but I’ve rarely done that, and not in an obvious way. Possibly they noticed someone clicking the ads several times a day, on multiple days.

Anyway I’m over it now. I guess the Firebox ads will have to do!

Did I mention Firebox has some great Halloween treats?

(always good to plug stuff! and they don’t punish you for doing it)

15 responses to “Google AdSense sucks

  1. Google took your adds away and gave you nothing?! That sucks – how do they know what clicks were for real and what were fraudulent? Google adds sound like a scam and I love Google. I’m dissappointed! x

  2. I know, I was so disappointed too, because I always thought Google could do no harm. But now every time I look at Google (several hundred times a day, I guess) I get this little sick feeling in my stomach, like they cheated on me!

    They reckon they have a lot of high-tech software to detect who is clicking fraudulently. I think they made a mistake here! But oh well.

  3. I did click a couple of times – but you know me (have to do the right thing all the time – damn) if I clicked I actually read the add lol…yeah really dissappointing. How will we ever be able to trust again? I’m off to work now (weekends go so fast) – have a good night. x

  4. “I’m not sure what the fraudulent clicks were – it COULD be me asking people to click on them but I’ve rarely done that, and not in an obvious way.”

    That’s clearly not allowed; you tried to steal money from advertisers and now your angry Google caught you doing it.

    When doing bussiness read the contracts: Terms of Service & Program policies (see

  5. Thankyou ‘Heine’, I will not point out the obvious spelling mistakes you made (and misspelling a URL is a bad thing to do..), I appreciate your effort to come here and tell me I’m ‘stealing’ (which, of course, is bollocks) but please bugger off.

    I have now AdBlocked *ALL* Google AdSense ads, so I never see a single one. How much will Google lose because of this? 🙂 lots I hope.

  6. Google did the same thing with me. I had earned 308 $ without cheating and at 28 th April 2006 (2 days before sending the cheque), They supspended me.

    I feel that this is the way google does it with smalltime publishers

  7. Google disabled my account too.
    Lost $43 to them.
    Atleast they should have warned me about people clicking.
    My friends knew that adsense pays me ,so they went overboard and clicked for me . Its not my fault ,they did it on their own.

    Hindsight : I should have read about their F**king policy.

  8. I sympathise with you greatly over losing your Google Adsense account, i earned $200 in three months and they said fraudulent clicks were being registered on my Google Ads and so they terminated my account. I appealed asking where the fraudulent clicks were coming from to try and prevent it. But the ass wipes at Google keep this sort of information secret and wont tell you jack shit and quite literally call you a liar. Try RevenuePilot, Chiquita or Adbrite Ads for good alternatives to Google Adsense.

    If Google Adsense they would be dangerous!! (pun intended)

  9. Google is a big rip off anyway. They are screwing the publishers and what’s so funny is that they make believe that they share 50% of their revenue with publishers.

    This is a BIG LIE !

    When Google charges $100 a single click to the advertisers, the publishers will get few cents only, so please give up on Google and move on.

  10. Although probably $100 a single click is rather exaggerated, it is true that Google takes a huge percentage of the profits. Not many people are getting rich thanks to AdSense, apart from Google.

  11. I’m actually an Adwords user and I pay good for the clicks I receive through Adsense users. When you or your friends click on my links, I pay for that. So when you click with absolutely no intention of actually visiting my site and possibly using my product or service, only to fill your own pockets with my money, you are literally stealing from me.

    It is plainly written in the TOS that you cannot click your own ads, or ask or hint for people to click them.

    I pay for those ads with hopes that people who are searching for my product will see them, click, and actually make a purchase, not so you can line your pockets with my money.

    When you claim that Google is “cheating” you by taking the money you took out of my pocket, giving it back to me, then closing your account because you blatantly broke their extremely clear policy, it’s like shoplifting a coat from the mall, then saying that the cops are cheating you by taking the coat, returning it back to me.

    Futher, NO ONE pays anywhere near $100 per click. That’s insane. $15 a click is considered extremely high and usually paid for by massive corporations with highly focused marketing campaigns.

    Are you going to ignore the issue, claim that you’ve done no wrong, and correct my spelling or grammar now?

  12. I was also banned by Google for fraudulent clicks.. NO I NEVER DID A FRIGGIN THING TO MAKE FRADULENT CLICKS and NO They would not tell me what site it was on and how it was happening. They would not offer any advice for me at all, I could not figure it out, so I lost my account a few days later.

    If they think their system is so smart, they are wrong, I was innocent and their system was wrong. It really pisses me off when this happened, it makes the little guy smaller, do you think this would happen to BUY.COM? Hell no.. Do you think they would have offered more advice to BUY.COM, maybe even a hint as to where the fraud is occurring? I mean BUY.COM could not be actually attempting fraud, right? It would have to be a mistake right?

    For months I developed some killer sites, just as professional as the big guys, hoping Google would give me another account for the new site. But I’d always get the “After reviewing your application, our specialists have found that it does not meet our program criteria.” message..

    What the heck, I see sites out there everyday that are nothing but trash, most designed just to scrape money from Google advertisers pockets and offers users nothing but a click through experience from hell trying to find something. My site was killer, why the constant denial now?

    But guess what, I always got the denied letter, that ends like this.. “Please note that we may not be able to respond to inquiries regarding the specific reasons for our decision. Thank you for your understanding”

    Understanding my ass, I friggin give up!

    I could go on and on but the good thing is, I’m now making more money then I did with Google, there are adsense alternatives out there and I hope if this happens to you, you will look around for other companies besides Google for your ads.

    I have now blocked all Google adsense ads with my browser, they don’t exist anymore in my vocabulary except to help and warn others about their hitler like tactics, bullying the average webmaster.

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