Who ARE you all?


Lots of personal stuff going on but just stopping to ask: Who ARE you all?

Got the stats for July visitors to the blog.. well they’re quite staggering take a look –> (stats page has moved sorry).

Much more people looking than I thought. AND as I’ve changed server, these are the people JUST looking at the blog, not the rest of my site. And no they’re not all me as I’ve proved on that page. Wow.

So.. could you please comment, or send a message or something, let me know who you are? Cos I know you’re reading this… come out of the woodwork! heh.

– Shaun (proper update soon.. promise) x

8 responses to “Who ARE you all?

  1. Dear Shaun,

    Wow!!! Those stats are mighty impressive – and you thought no one cared. Only 8% from Aus – I wonder who they are?

    I’ve been spreading the word about Firefox since I changed from Internet Explorer. It is easier to use, no pop ups and looks fabulous. As you know I’m a complete novice and if I can do it anyone can.

    Congratulations on your sites success, Love Mia x

  2. I came across your blog by searching for a Colchester blog. I’m a long standing Colchester resident (and Essex Uni graduate), who is now living in Delaware, USA. I guess I’ve been reading to try and pick up some of the life there in Colchester.

    – Chris

  3. ohhhh random ppl, perdy graphs shaun! american dude when did u go to essex uni? hope u went to the rock nights in level 2!!!

  4. hi shaun, i read your blog once a week, usually on a weekend so i get kind of an omnibus edition to read! I read it because a) i have known you for a few years tho never actually met you b) cos i have known Terry for a while and c) cos i know of a few people you mention. I like your writing style, its fun to read and whilst I don’t entirely agree with you “spilling all” about you and Terry on here, i guess it wouldnt be a personal blog if it didnt include it. Take care little bunny

  5. You know who I am Shaun!

    I visit your blog to keep up with how you are doing as you don’t talk to me that often now! 🙁 Why not? lol

    Scott x

  6. Well thanks for addin me as blog of the day lol (unfortunately not hottie of the day.. heh).

    Oh and the person who said “I’ve known you for years but never met you” who ARE you?! And you know Terry and the people I talk about.. well who could you be? Hmmm I have a *slight* idea. Please clear it up for me! 😉

  7. Shaun, I am the one who has “known” you for a while now, and also know Terry and know of some of the people you talk about. It’s Neil (from Ipswich), you may or may not care to remember me! But either way, i still enjoy reading your blog and whats going on, it’s like a little mini soap opera!

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