Today the list of available houses to rent was published, so Jenny lead the way with her organisational skills and we picked out some houses, rang up the appropriate people (Jenny did the calling) and then at 4pm we went to see our first house. In true “A place in the sun” style, I will now list the properties.

Property Number 1
This was a small 4-bedroom house near Forest Road.

Pros: It had a promising kitchen/dining area, a downstairs toilet and large garden.
Cons: The rest was pretty crappy really: small bedrooms, looked scummy inside and out.

Property Number 2 (and 3)
These were very much the same, the only difference being the location (Property 3 was a little bit further away).

Pros: 3 big “double” bedrooms
Cons: VERY small kitchen/living/dining area, 1 of the bedrooms tiny, pretty scummy.

Some standing around in the rain later…

We were about to settle for Property 3, as she was pressurizing us, but a call to Ross made us realise we should have a look at a few more properties before coming to a decision, and boy were we glad we did!!

Property 4
Altho it doesn’t look much from the outside, the sheer greatness of this house hit me as soon as we walked in. Immacculately clean and “warm” feeling, this house said “home” more than “student accommodation” – The current houserenters (that how you say it?) were there having a party, as were the landlord/lady, and they answered all of our questions. The kitchen was very pretty (with a tumble drier!) and it had a seperate living room, which the others did not have. The bedrooms are massive (altho one is a ‘single’ room, smaller than the rest, which Terry said he would have as his room and me and him will share a double bed hehe) and come with a full set of furniture (Jenny shouted “Ikea heaven!”). There was only one bathroom but it was very nice, with a bath and shower. A paved garden was out back, better than grass coz it would only get overgrown and the pavement meant we could have parties in summer 🙂
We fell in love with it so much that we told them a definate “yes”. Cue lots of panic about not having the deposit yet (no-one told me we’d have to pay ASAP!), and the fact that Terry wasn’t there to sign contracts. After lots of faffing about, walking home in the rain, running out of credit and all sorts of disasters, they rang Jenny and said it was fine for us to meet them on Monday (when Terry will be here! Yayness!) and go over the paperwork, sign contracts etc.

Looks like we’ve got ourselves a place to live!

In other news

It’s nearly my birthday! The 29th!

That’s it! Will keep you up-to-date on new developments 😛


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