A Bad Week

Yes I’ve had a bad week. Been very depressed lately, mostly about Terry – been missing him like mad. It all culminated Thursday night, when I didn’t get my assignment finished and so got a big fat zero for it. Didn’t even hand it in. The next day I stayed in bed until teatime, still miserable. By the time I saw Jenny I was almost crying, was really worried about me and Terry lasting, cos he was texting things like “I think you have gone off me!” and “I think you don’t love me anymore” and that was just upsetting me more. Jenny gave me a big hug to cheer me up, and promised to buy me a drink that night as I drown my sorrows lol.

Terry sent me some really sweet texts – made me realise it’s only a week until I see him, so it’s not too bad. Just wish he could come here more often! I can’t wait to go back to ‘Lynn and see him, will be so good. And on Valentines he’s gonna cook me a meal πŸ™‚ sweet!

I met Jay on Thursday, he’s really nice πŸ™‚ him and Ross know eachother from faceparty as he lives really close to the uni – cue Ross complaining about how much of a small world it is πŸ™‚ Jay was also helping me cheer up, texting me nice things. He’s gonna be coming out with us to Cheesy and stuff – that is until I realised I’m not going to cheesy for 3 weeks! But got someone else to drink with and watch movies with πŸ™‚ we watched Moulin Rouge (didn’t help with me being all upset, but hey it’s one of my favourite films!) and Jay said he hasn’t seen hardly any of my films – yay filmfest!

Cheesy on Friday was cool, still not as good as it usually is – is Joey Jo Jo losing his touch? Hehe Jenny and Laura would kill me for saying that. Had some shots, and some tequila rose (tasted like strawberry milkshake), got good and drunk (altho not as drunk as I’d liked to have got) and just danced my troubles away hehe. Was a good night, and definately worth it to see Joe dance to “I’m too sexy” hehe.

Right now I’m sitting here with Windows Media Player on, playing all the “tracks yet to be rated” and rating them as I go along. Waiting for a phone call from Jenny to say we are going to go round hers and watch the new series of Friends, she taped it yesterday. I’ve seen them all but hey will watch it again πŸ™‚ and Jenny said it doesn’t feel right if she’s watching them on her own hehe.

Jenny told me that her and Terry were talking on MSN last night, at the same time I was talking to him, and they were going on about living together again πŸ™‚ really sounds like this is going to happen – I hope it does and we’re not just clinging onto something that isn’t gonna happen! They are right, it WILL be a LOT of fun, being with Terry 24-7, taking turns to cook big meals, spending every evening with my best uni friends πŸ™‚ How cool will it be!

Anyways, better go get dressed. Think the reason Jenny’s gonna ring me and not knock is she doesn’t wanna catch me naked AGAIN lol hehee.

Shaun xx

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You’ll be fine mate, just remember to hold your head up high, and smile. You and Terry have a good thing, and as you both want it to work SOOO much, you’ll make it work. You both love each other, so it’ll all work out well in the end… We all have bad weeks and good weeks… Just gotta remember the good times from the good weeks in the low times of the bad weeks. Put a smile on your face… and errrrrm some clothes too… bloody exhibitionist… mind you I wouldn’t mind walking in on you naked *coughs* Sorry slight diversion… Anyway smile, and keep being the good ol’ happy Shaun / Shawn I know.

Nick [[email protected]] β€’ 02/07/04 08:44pm

1)Pissed, isn’t a word I’d use right now to describe what I have just read concerning not doing assignments, let alone this business with getting depressed. Didn’t we have a chat about letting rumours, and emotions taking over, when there was no need to. Didn’t I tell you that you and Terry are the only things that are important and the only thing that will ruin it is your both confusing and listening to others who try and wind you both up. Just think yourself lucky, I wasn’t there in Essex, or around online for Daniel to tell me at the time or I’d have done something about it. (No, I wouldn’t care if it meant kicking in your door, yanking you from your bed and driving you the whole way home to sit face to face and sort out the problem). You and Daniel know from experience, that when I say I’ll do something, I will do something and it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done something for either of you.

Now get that assignment sorted and go and explain the problem and get it marked, I’m not having you fail anything if it can be helped and I’m sure Terry feels the same about your marks. You are too smart, smart enough to act stupid, but don’t become stupid.

2) As for the letting people view you naked, Jesus Shaun, keep your clothes on till Terry is with you,(no one else needs to see you naked) then you can get naked all you want. Now go get yourself a nice big bow, stick on your forehead and wait for V day, so Terry can unwrap his Valentines present to him LOL.

P.S. No more silly depression or worrying, that’s how you go grey and bald quickly. You have Terry and he has you, the bond is too strong to have some rumour monger consumed with jealousy interfere.

A happy Shaun is what the world needs, not a depressed Shaun, who once he starts shedding tears, will start Armageddon. Keep thinking happy thoughts Shaun.

Count [You know it by now] β€’ 02/08/04 08:24am

1) Can’t get it re-marked, that’s their policy.
2) Jenny didn’t actually see me naked, was behind a door and with boxers on but it’s just something we say.
3) It’s nothin to do with rumours that got me depressed, just missing him.

Shaun [shaun[at]shaunssite[dot]co[dot]uk] β€’ 02/08/04 10:40pm

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