I love maths!!

Photos in this post do not display because they didn’t make it to my new site, sorry

Got 100% on my maths homework! And the teacher is really nice! Yay! Hehe.

Missed another lecture today 🙁 I overslept and this time Pat didn’t ring me in case I was sick again – oops lol.

Should tidy my room really this is just my desk! And you can see terry* in it!

I need a telescope yes I know the photo is bad quality! Would see right into people’s rooms..! Right now I can see lots of people’s rooms.. some have really cool posters in and most have people sitting on desks! Presumably on computers! At this time of night! I should make a huge MSN list, you could get everyone on campus on your MSN! That would be mad. Except you can only have 150 contacts. Hmmm.

My blog is turning into a picture diary! How random! Think I might take more pictures. Only thing is, my Digicam is too bulky to carry around campus (I have no bag and don’t wear a jacket) and my minicam is really small but doesn’t take very good pictures! But might take some pictures of some of my flatmates!

Wife Swap was weird today. Everyone hated the really nice lady, and everyone loved the evil woman. Well, maybe evil is a bit harsh. Perhaps just “trailer trash”.

This is possibly my most random post so far. Possibly because I am feeling really strange. Maths homework = done, cc171 assignment = 10/13ths done, cc151 assignment = starts tomorrow. Oh joy.

Is it just me, or is Jamie Oliver getting less and less attractive? It seems that Sainsbury’s makes people ugly.

Is it just me, or is the Kandoo Frog the least friendly cartoon character ever? He ‘wipes his botty clean’ on TV! Ewww..

Vanessa Feltz at the Salon!! Her feet!! Ewww it’s just not as good without sexy Ollie! And Brian from BigB is a crap narrator.

This reminds me of something….:

(1) If there is no God then we’re all going to die.
(2) Therefore, God exists.

The three most horrible words I witnessed on The Salon today were: “Back, Sack and Crack”.
Yes this means I did not turn off the tv, and am in fact a lying bastard.
Also: He didn’t mind her waxing his sack, but didn’t want her to wax his crack because “Seeing my asshole like that would ruin our friendship”. Am I the only one confused here?

Please comment. It makes terry* happy. Just click the “20 comments” link (no there aren’t really 20 comments, but it’s gone buggy. Such is life.)

Night night, gonna search for my remote then get in bed and watch The Salon AKA “Ooh my nipples are out”

Ross is going to let me borrow “Beauty and the Beast” and Dumbo on DVD!! *grins like a lunatic*

Missing you Terry!!!!

– Shaun

[* that’s terry the dinosaur]


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