Life After Death

Set four years after the series ended, Der Waffle Haus has burned down and head reaper Rube has left due to retirement. The remaining reapers meet their new boss Cameron Kane, a “slick business man who couldn’t care less about helping the newly dead.” George reconnects with her sister Reggie when she has to reap the soul of Reggie’s new (and secret) boyfriend, Hudson Hart. Daisy (now played by Sarah Wynter) is attracted to Cameron, who helps her get a role in After the Fall. Daisy, in a bid to gain the leading role, injures the lead actress and due to the stress turns to alcohol, even during the performances.

The Ledger

George figures that with all the bad luck she had while she was alive, things might even out in the afterlife. But death isn’t like that.

Death Defying

After losing her virginity to Trip, George sours on love when he doesn’t call.

A Cook

George gets a pet and Rube takes a shift on the grill at Der Waffle Haus.

The Shallow End

George reflects back on her childhood and decides that the secret to popularity is being mean to people.

Curious George

George discovers the price that the dead pay when they try to hang on to their past.

Sunday Mornings

George makes a new friend and discovers her dad is not the person she thought he was, while Roxy’s actions cause an obnoxious lout to find religion.


George finds a loophole in the “reaper rules” and decides to spare her next soul, but quickly learns that if you flip off Fate, Fate flings it back at you ten-fold.


When smart, cynical 18-year-old George is killed by an errant toilet seat falling from space, she joins the ranks of an undead group of grim reapers. As she clumsily learns to adjust to her new role in the afterlife, George haphazardly hurtles towards her first dreaded assignment: to collect the soul of a little girl.

Business Unfinished

Daisy enlists George’s help in fleecing a wealthy society matron’s son, and Roxy faces her annual struggle to come to terms with her death.

Ashes to Ashes

When George tries to pass herself off as the relative of a homeless man, she finds herself more involved in his death than she planned.

In Escrow

George faces her first big decision at Happy Time, and Joy looks forward to a new life after accepting an offer on the family home.

The Bicycle Thief

Needing money to buy a bicycle, George gets a new job — and an awkward farewell party at Happy Time – while her fellow reapers face their own complications.

Last Call

George regrets the things she didn’t accomplish in her life, while Mason prepares to move on in the afterlife. Meanwhile, Reggie stays home alone.

Send in the Clown

At her day job, George gets to train the boss’s cute, but dumb, nephew, while Mason dresses as a clown to reap a soul at a kid’s birthday party.

Ghost Story

In an attempt to bond with her co-workers, George goes on the annual Happy Time retreat, but she can’t escape her duties as a grim reaper.

Reaping Havoc

George realizes that even the undead need friends, but she loses one when a reaper decides to jump to the other side.

Reaper Madness

George gets her first post-mortem kiss from a doomed schizophrenic who can see the gravelings.