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Progressive alliances are the future of British politics.

“Make Votes Matter estimates that, had this election been run under Proportional Representation, the Conservative lead over Labour would have been slashed to 16 seats. The Greens would have won 11 and our combined total, along with Labour and the Liberal Democrats, would have easily surpassed the Conservatives. A progressive government could have happened.”

Caroline Lucas, Co-leader of the Green Party

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We need a fairer voting system

The Tories are clinging on to power by making an alliance with the DUP, a homophobic, misogynistic party who thinks the earth is 4,000 years old.

This is an absolute travesty considering the number of votes the two parties actually received.

Here’s the results by number of votes:

As you can see, as the only large right-wing party, the Tories got the most votes. But the liberal parties split the vote!

If you add up the votes of the parties which are going to rule the country, and compare that to a “Progressive Alliance” where Labour joins forces with the Lib Dems (who had very similar policies), here is what we get:

The so-called “Coalition of Crackpots” (Tories + DUP) were over 1 million votes short of Labour + Lib Dem!

If we go all out and compare the right-wing parties with the progressives, the results are clear:

Even if you lump UKIP in with the Tories + DUP, they are still 2 million votes short of the Progressives.

Our voting system (First Past the Post) is not fit for purpose. The country votes against austerity, and against a “hard Brexit”, but the results don’t reflect that.

It’s time for a fairer voting system, whether that is the Alternative Vote or full-on Proportional Representation.

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