A new blog

Well I’ve finally consolidated the following into my new site:

  • Very old posts from when I was 14 (in 1999!)
  • Posts from my old site, webbunny.co.uk
  • Posts from Tumblr

And I’m going to start microblogging here.

Most of my old posts are set as private – sorry about that!

Another fresh beginning 😉

Epic Games

When Epic Games released the computer-exclusive Unreal Tournament 2004, it was packaged with nearly one-hundred maps for use across half-a-dozen game types. Thousands upon thousands of free, community-created maps followed. Two years later, Epic Games released Gears of War, a third-person shooter touted as (and would become) a cornerstone of the Xbox 360 game library. It was packaged with ten maps. Two downloadable map packs would up that number to sixteen. One of the map packs was released for free. The other one featured four maps. It could be downloaded for a price of 800 Microsoft Points™, a price point of approximately ten dollars. And they were able to set these prices by appealing to an audience that had never created a multiplayer map for Doom or downloaded free mods such as Counter-Strike.

The iPhone is not and never was a phone. It is a pocket-sized computer that obviates the phone. The iPhone is to cell phones what the Mac was to typewriters.

John Gruber, looking back on five years of the iPhone.

I love to research stuff. Any time I have a conversation with someone and I’m not 100% on the details, I’ll go look it up on the Internet. So now my obsession with research is driving me crazy 🙂

I’m really enjoying this TV show on Netflix that is a few years old (that’s if it’s not still running). Incredibly obscure, it’s not British or American. But I’m enjoying it so much that I want to research it and find out more about it, except that might mean spoilers. So I vow to watch all 100-odd episodes before I look it up.

And that’s killing me! 🙂