After months of traveling, Joel and Ellie receive a grave warning about what lies ahead. Later, Ellie learns more about Joel’s past – while Joel tries his best to forget.

Endure and Survive

On the streets of a newly free Kansas City, Henry fights to protect his brother Sam from rebel soldiers who will stop at nothing to appease their ruthless leader. As her manhunt continues, Kathleen doubles down on her quest for revenge, while Ellie forms a meaningful friendship.

The Grand Finale

On the final day, the players are steps away from the prize money. The ultimate mission and the final round table banishing occur. The surviving players gather at “The Fire of Truth,” where either the Traitors or the Faithful will win the prize pot.

Trust No One

During the penultimate day in the castle, the players can add to the current prize pot of $168,800. With the end in sight, alliances are broken and trust between the Traitors is questioned.

Buried Alive

With suspicion rife after the first murder, the Traitors attempt to keep their cover. The mission sees some players meet an early grave; the first player is banished at the round table.

The Game Is Afoot

Twenty contestants arrive at a castle in Scotland to play the ultimate murder mystery game. The Traitors are chosen as the prize pot starts building, but one Faithful player won’t make it through the night when the Traitors plot their first murder.