Episode 10

As the ultimate psychological reality show continues, and the number of players keeps on dwindling, another of the faithful does not make it to breakfast – but who has been murdered?

Episode 9

The previous night has left the players with more than just a hangover. With one player already regretting their actions, and relationships tested, accusations soon start to fly.

Episode 8

The faithful nervously wait to see who the traitors murdered overnight. After another mission to increase the prize pot, Claudia throws a huge twist into the game.

Episode 6

The players focus on building the prize pot in a mission that sees them sink to new depths of despair. But that’s the least of their worries, with an explosive round table on the horizon.

Episode 2

Claudia reveals who has been murdered during the night by the traitors. As the players head to the round table for the first dramatic banishment, will the faithful be able to catch a traitor?

Episode 1

Claudia Winkleman greets 22 strangers as they arrive at a beautiful castle in the Scottish Highlands to play the ultimate reality game of detection, backstabbing, and trust.

Episode Four

Clare hosts a couples’ dinner party to introduce Henry to her roommate Charisse and best friend Gomez, but when it’s crashed by another Henry and his girlfriend Ingrid, deeply held secrets are revealed. Meanwhile, Clare remains determined to make her 18th birthday — and fated 152nd meeting with Henry in the clearing — unforgettable.

Episode Three

After meeting her soulmate at age six, Clare laments a linear lifetime defined by waiting for Henry’s unpredictable appearances. Meanwhile, an incident at a high school party finds a distraught teenage Clare turning to Henry for help.

Episode Two

After a rocky “first” meeting, Henry and Clare attempt to reset with a second date, but she still struggles to rectify this version of Henry with the man she’s known – and loved – all her life. To help her better understand the difference between this 28-year-old and the man she’ll help him become, Henry takes Clare back to the most formative moment of his childhood.

Episode One

Since she was young, Clare has had an imaginary friend – a kind and funny man, sometimes old, sometimes young, who appears in the woods behind her house and tells her tales of the future.

Episode 4

As events spiral out of control, Jefferson Grieff prepares to face execution – and time is also running out for Janice Fife in the cellar. An increasingly desperate Harry Watling struggles to do the right thing – but can he stay on the side of the angels and still keep his wife and son safe?

Episode 3

As Harry’s dilemma worsens, the fate of his family hangs in the balance – but he’s determined to do the right thing. Meanwhile, Beth Davenport meets one of Jefferson Grieff’s helpers in the outside world, who delivers a chilling warning. In the cellar, Janice’s desperation grows.