Two kinds of ads

There are two kinds of ads. Those with something to say and those with nothing to say.

If you have something to say – say it.

e.g. 50p off this week!

If you have nothing to say – use razamattaz

e.g. Beanz Meanz Heinz

Things to consider:

1. Proposition

  • What do you have to say?
  • Why does your product stand out?
  • Write it down in a memorable, creative and visual way.

2. Reason why?

  • Justify the proposition.
  • Make it believable.

3. Target market

  • Define them.
  • Talk in their terms.
  • Think of someone you know who fits the group and talk to them personally.

4. Image

  • Make sure the creative fits with the image required for the client.

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