It’s a bit late for new years resolutions, but here are some of the things I want to achieve (or at least begin to achieve) in 2009:

  • To be more frequent with blog posts, and to put more thought into it
    I went from blogging almost every day at university to nearly stopping blogging. While not as many new and exciting things are happening in my life (University was very exciting and new, life now is still great but maybe a bit more routine), I still want to keep up to date with events and photos and things.
  • To improve my knowledge in PHP
    I went a bit off direction when I learnt Ruby on Rails: It is definitely my favourite language and I love it, but it has proven to be not as useful in the real world as PHP would be.
  • To improve my fitness
    Gotta stick to that Wii Fit diet! 🙂
  • To spend more time with the kids and nurture them
    Video games are great, I think they teach kids a lot of things, but nothing beats playing board games, or charades, going out and having real family time. I’m so fortunate to find myself with two amazing kids added to my family, something I never expected to happen, and I want to help Andi have a great time with them and watch them grow up!

Of course, I’m also really looking forward to new opportunities that are arising with my career and that will change things a lot! I hope we succeed.

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