Animal Crossing: Wild World ‘Friend Code’

This was just a message posting my Friend Code that has gone out of control!

I have disabled comments on this post, please continue discussions on our messageboard (NOT in the tag board to your right – it is not a chat room!). You will have to sign up to post in the messageboard but don’t worry, its free and only takes a second.

Thank you.

Name: Shaun
Town: Townsvil
Friend Code: 0215-3727-4780

35 responses to “Animal Crossing: Wild World ‘Friend Code’

  1. Here is my info

    Town- Duluth
    Friend Code-189041058348
    Please come visit me it would be fun. My gate is open quite a bit so maybe I will see you in my town

  2. HI HI HI! OMIGOSH! I have got to have someone visit my town pleese come ill try to sell you something and then I can come to youe town!

    Friend Code- 0043- 5684-0733
    Town- Borough
    Name- Gamboni

    By the way gamboni is not my real name :mrgreen:

  3. hi im zan4 i think we will have fun on this game can u tell me ur hotmail so we can IM each other mine is [email protected]

    my info for the game

    freind code:2921-2004-4066

  4. OMG PLEASE ADD ME!! my info is

    Code: 2749-4048-3443
    Name: Chris
    Town: Mooville

    e-mail me here at [email protected] when you added me and if any one else wants to add me they can and ill add all of me when you wanna visit my town please!!

  5. I’m adding you guys! I normally play at my house, which has Wi-Fi so my gates pretty much always open when im playing, come visit.

    Code: 2835-3041-1125
    name: geoff
    town: gondor

  6. My name is Scott. i have added lots o’ people. Add me please, I will have the gates open A LOT.

    Name: Scott
    Code: 2835-3088-1766
    Town: Penguin

    I will be hoping to see some of you guys in my town! :mrgreen:

  7. Hey Everyone, Please Add Me, Heres My ACWW Info Including My FC

    Name: Carlo
    Town: Alaska
    FC: 5197-5400-1838
    Native Fruit: Pear
    Other Furit: I Have Grown 4 Orange Trees
    Furniture I Need: Any “Modern Series” Furniture, Modern Floor, And Black And
    White Pawns

    Plz Add Me! :mrgreen:

  8. Ok i am so sorry but i never have used wi fi and it says that i need a friend code!!! Will sum 1 plz give me their friend code if they r willing to teach me how to make money!!!

  9. Hi guys I know I talk a lot but uh can u guys if you come to my town leave a note on my message board or mail me? Because I left my game on and gates open for like an hour and when I got back I had presents and new towns people! so if you come just leave me a note somehow. Thanks! 🙂

  10. Hi my info is the following:
    NAME: Abdiel
    TOWN: Isabela
    Friend Code: 3952-0009-5249
    if you want me to play with u i need your FC if you have yours on the web posted in this page plz just send me and email notifing whom you are from the page so i could know and if you have friends tyou can give my info to and my email feel free to share… ill be waiting your email! email: [email protected]

  11. Scott again… Do any of you people play Warcraft III? I do. If any of you people do please tell me your screen names for that. Thanks!!! :mrgreen:

  12. Hey, please add me. I’m almost done putting everyone on my list

    friend code:2105-1657-2548
    town: qwerty
    ^ ^
    draw stars here

  13. Hey guys. I recently got Animal Crossing also and haven’t been able to try out the wifi stuff. Here’s my info. Come and visit!

    Name: Roberto
    Town: Managua
    Code: 4896 8747 4096

  14. Hey guys can someone please open their gates at 7:30 tonight(Jan 14) or connet your DS charger in your DS and open you gate and leave it open.

  15. Masako,Fox, and Roberto add me to your friend roster



    Friend Code:4768-0458-3598

    If you add me to my friend Thanks

  16. If anyone has xbox live Send my gamertag Popcorn Monster a friend ivite and a message telling me you are from this website.

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