Critical Firefox Update

There is a critical Firefox update available, Firefox v1.0.3. This includes several security fixes, and a “Fix to improve update process”. Lets hope that after this release we will no longer have to re-download the entire 4.7MB installation file just to patch a few security holes.

I cannot urge how important it is that you download Firefox and set it as your default browser. This will save you from most viruses, browser exploits, spyware and advertising that you can get on the web by using Internet Explorer. It also is a lot easier to use, more extendible (you can add tons of new features and themes to it) and is updated/patched a lot faster than IE so you are always safe.

[/brown-nosing firefox] Happy browsing!

3 responses to “Critical Firefox Update

  1. Firefox is my default browser too – I’ve only had to use IE once in the last six months or so (and that was due to being “locked out” with FF, grrr). Love it!

  2. hate websites with “browser sniffers” that lock you out if you’re not using IE – sooo stupid because 99% of the time firefox would have displayed it all properly (or if not, its a problem with the SITE not firefox!) – oh well, if it was a commercial site then they have probably lost loads of customers!

    Thnx for commenting, didn’t know you still came here šŸ˜€ might be bringing the forums back.. woo

  3. Yeah, it’s one of my pet peeves to be quite honest – if their sites were up to spec they wouldn’t need to lock out Firefox! Actually, it wasn’t a commercial site (it was a government one – what happened to accessibility?); although commercial sites tend to be the main offenders, eh? (Not everyone uses IE for Windows!)

    I’m still a regular visitor to your site, mate. I hope you’ll bring the forums back!

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