Vil’s birthday

Big Smile

Last night was such a good night out. Was Vilius’ birthday, and I was going out with him and his cousins.

Vil’s relative (uncle?) picked me up and gave us all a lift to the Lattice. Was a bit crowded, Vil in the front and 3 of his cousins and I in the back. They were all girls, I can’t remember any of their names (actually, one was called Diana) they were from Lithuania and didn’t speak much English. So most the time, Vil was being translator lol. As we drove there and went round corners we got squashed up together and they all giggled, was funny.

We got to the lattice, I decided I should go in first on my own – cos they’re guaranteed to ID me – then there’s less of a chance of them being ID’d. Not that any of them were underage, they are all over 18, but they have Lithuanian ID which is a bit dodgy. Well, I got in after being ID’d, but then one of the girls (think it was Diana?) got asked for ID and she didn’t have anything official. So we left, and tried to Globe – after being refused again we decided to wait for her Dad to get her passport. After sitting and chatting (mostly in foreign) for ages, he arrived and gave it to her. We walked in again, but this time the other girls got ID’d and refused!! Argh! So off we went to the Globe and thankfully we got in that time. Phew.

We got to the Globe and as Vil said “we have to make up for time – let’s drink twice as fast!”. I bought the first round of drinks, as a birthday present lol, we got 2 pitchers of Double Vodka & Red Bull and a shot of vodka each. Took us a while to find some seats so we just went to the beer garden and stood up at a table. We clinked the shot-glasses together (classy) and downed them (the girls taking polite, gentile sips lol).

We poured the vodka red bull, and then went inside and got a table. I had received a text from Zoots a few days before (Zoots is a ‘nightclub’ – use that word loosly – and I signed up my phone to receive texts) saying I can get free entry that night, and so can anyone who had the text. So I tried to text it to Vil, altho he had no signal at the Globe. The text read as follows:

UK STORM male revue show live on the Zoots stage this Saturday 24th July. Show this text at reception for free entry b4 10.30pm, pass it on!

Now, I have no idea what a revue was, and didn’t really read the text properly I just thought they were talking about who the DJ was or something. I know, I totally didn’t look into it much. We were in for a big shock.

Vil and I decided we needed something a little stronger, so went to the bar and ordered some absinthe. Vil said the guy smiled saying “nice”, lol got some respect for that. We got 5 singles, then Vil said “make it 4 singles and a double”. I shouted “I want a double too!” so he made it 3 singles and 2 doubles. Haven’t had absinthe in a while, it’s so good! We walked over to the table and clinked them together again (lol madness) before downing them. Yikes, it burned me and Vil’s throats lol! Didn’t quite have the “Greenhouse effect” on me (lol I won’t even go into explaining that), after all that night we had lots more, but it certainly got us good and drunk. Off to Zoots!

After lots of faffing about with going to the toilets, we were almost late getting out of the Globe, had to be at Zoots by 10.30 to get in free. Vil still hadn’t got the text, so I suggested he write it out and save it in his outbox. Took a while, us both being drunk and trying to do texts properly – as if they’d check it – and no we still didn’t look into the meaning of the text! We got in free (I think the girls had to pay though, as they didn’t have their phones on them) and I saw a few blokes walking out saying “We should get our money back”. Hmm, confusing. There were balloons everywhere and we were told to take a different way in when we tried to get in near the loos. Odd. We also noticed the huge difference in female-to-male population. It was beginning to dawn on me..

Yes, there were male strippers. UK Storm is the name of a group of strippers. (Ross helpfully found this article about them, heh). Vil said he was horrified (in a jokey kinda way tho), but me and the girls were loving it LOL! I had vouchers for free drinks (was really prepared last night lol!) so we went and bought 8 VK drinks, and then watched the show. It was so full of screaming girls! Which Vil said was good for him, we have the strippers to look at and he can see “a lot of ass” (thats his quote).

Helpfully, half an hour after we’d been in there I got another text from Zoots

Where are all the girls tonight? At the ladies night at Zoots of course! See you there!

If they’d sent that earlier we would have known! LOL! But I wasn’t complaning.

We saw a few people we knew there, Vil saw Faye and I had a chat with her (we never really spoke at school so had a big chat!) and also Pip, Ash etc. were there (why?! is there something they’re not telling us? LOL). Vil got me a Vodka & Pepsi (excellent, a place that has pepsi instead of coke). The strippers soon stopped dancing around and it reverted back to normal Zoots. We requested some songs (which I’m sure never got played, oh well). I sent a text to the big screen, said something along the lines of “Happy birthday Vilius! Are you having fun with your lovely ladies!?” which he loved lol. The rest of the night was just loads of dancing, and having a great laugh! (Vil and I looked very popular dancing with his cousins, they are all very good looking! lol).

I can’t remember what time we left, but we all went and got a taxi. My place is the first stop so I said bye to them all and stumbled in my doorway. Was a great night out anyway! Only thing missing was I kept wanting to talk to Terry, and whenever something funny happened I kept thinking “Wish Terry was here to see this”. Ugh hate it! But me and terry were texting eachother most the time, he was getting drunk at the wedding (LOL charming) and it felt quite good to be talking to him. So I dunno, things are good. And was good to ‘let my hair down’ for once!!

– – – – – – –

This morning I stayed in bed most the time, watching movies. 2 really good movies (for different reasons) the first one was “Three Wishes” about a widowed mum with two kids who takes in this bum (Patrick Swazie or however you spell it) and they’re really nice to him, and he makes their lives better, and leaves them but gives them three wishes. Not as goofy as it sounds, it was really nice and thought-provoking. The second film was “Tom’s midnight garden”, an interesting little British adaption of a book, about a boy who stays with his aunt and somehow learns if he leaves the house at exactly midnight he can step into the past where there’s a girl called Hariet and a big garden. I don’t know how it started cos I missed the start, but it was very good, each night he goes into the garden and its months for her, you see her grow up and change. And the ending was really sweet. Gotta love Sunday morning television!

After I had dinner, Nan and Grandad came round, they admired my laptop hehe. Nan asked me all about uni, and if I had any girlfriends yet (VERY embarrassing). Then they left and I started writing this! That is all, lol.

Tonight I’m seeing Terry again. Oh, and I got confirmation about going to the hospital (they had sent it to my uni address, thats why I hadn’t heard from them!!) so not long to go now 😐 11th August.


Drink Count:
2 and a bit x double vodka & red bull
1 x vodka shot
1 x double absinthe shot
1 x vodka & pepsi
2 and a half x VK blue

Not much really, when compared to what I’ve drank before. But not drank for a long time so I probably lost some of my “immunity” (Laura always says since we’ve been having so much vodka, its not affecting her as much lol)

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  1. Dear Shaun,
    Sat. night sounded great – a few drinks and Zoot’s for a All Male Revue. I’ve never been to an all male revue. A friend of my mothers, son, (does that make sense) is a member of Thunder Down Under. His mother told me to look him up on the net (god only knows why? – which I did – well you have to check these things out). The bizzare thing is – she hasn’t told my mum or any of her other friends about him. His name is Menno Van Kempen just in case you wanted to check him out. He didn’t do it for me, though I did have a hoot
    reading all the profiles. He actually looks a bit like his Mum.
    I’m going full steam a head with Firefox. I’ve downloaded ‘open this page in IE’, Qute and even customised my toolbar. I’ve read the ‘tab browsing extensions’ and tried my best to understand it all, as yet I haven’t done anything with it (I don’t really understand all the terminology). I can’t believe how simple it has been, especially for someone like me who has virtually no computer experience or comprehension. You leading me by the nose has been a great help!!! Thanks – with love Mia x

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