Back to normal again

I met up with Anna wednesday lunchtime and we had lunch round her house! Not done that in soo long, was great! Talked about Terry a bit, although I was getting kinda fed up of talking about it to everyone so didn’t say too much. Terry was texting me all day, saying “it took all the mistakes to realise I really do love you, missed you so much, only wanna be with you!” wasn’t quite sure exactly what to believe but this sounded good, so agreed to meet up with him that night. Me and Anna made a date this Sunday to watch Shrek 2 together šŸ™‚ yay

Well, I met Terry Wednesday night. I’ve never seen him so happy to see me, he wouldn’t stop hugging me and kissing me and stuff (even though I refused to kiss him for a while!) don’t know if it was because of all the proplus he’d taken to make sure he wasn’t tired or if he really was happy to see me! I was (still am) very pissed off at him for everything he’s done but I genuinly believe he is going to make an effort for us to be happy again. So when he asked me back out, I said yes. I know – I’m a mug!

Since then it’s been pretty much back to normal, saw him Thursday night as well. We had a few arguments already but that’s mainly my fault for keep bringing up what happened (I can’t just forget about it!) but from now on gonna make a fresh start and try not to bring up the past! Will be better when we move, away from Lynn and all the crap that is here! Can’t stand it! lol.

Meeting him tonight, we were going to go on a ‘date’ but I haven’t got any money and he’s quite skint too šŸ™ oh well! We’re gonna watch a film round mine and pretend we are at the cinema, heh

Seeya, Shaun xx

[PS. I found a hilarious site “the infinite cat project” .. great idea! Dan will love it]

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  1. Dear Shaun, I’ve just found your site and have spent hours going all over it. I must admit after reading your blog I was a little worried about you, but you seem to have come through OK. Hang in there – things can only get better – you are young and intelligent and I’m sure you realise you have lots of living to do and the best is still to come. I have to thank you for putting me on to the Infinite Cat Project. I’ve had an absolute ball with it. Hundreds of cats – what a fabulous way to spend some time. LOve Mia x

  2. Hey Mia, thanks for taking the time to comment. I wonder if you will come back and read this? Maybe I’m talking to myself here? lol who knows. Oh well, if you DO come back and read this, let me know where you found out about my blog will ya? I’m intrigued šŸ™‚ and yes the infinite cat project is a hoot! lol

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