Toast! And Posts!

First of all thank you Charli for the excellent suggestion of Post title. “Toast and posts” it is.

Well, did it again, didn’t go to sleep friday night. It’s becoming quite an annoying habbit, but hey I get to chat to interesting people and watch 6 hours worth of Friends. What can be better than that? Sleeping? Pah!

But honestly, I will get some sleep over the exams 🙂 next exam is on Thursday.

So Friday night was fun; Jenny, Laura and I went to cheesy. Yes I put an acronym on that, so feel free to hover your mouse over it to see the explanation. By the way you Windows users, if you hold down CTRL while you do so, it stays there a lot longer. Oh the joy.

Cheesy was great, best it’s been for a long time, even since Joey Joe Joe left, and so we got appropriately drunk. Really annoying thing is texts do not work in the main cheesy dancefloor but they work in the loos. WHY IS THIS? It’s not like the loos are higher up or anything, in fact they are down some stairs. I understand phones not working in The Underground too, but why do they always work in the toilets? Is it the interference of all the other phones/people, but then phones would not work in an airport or a train station. If someone can explain this to me I will give them a prize*.

So after Cheesy I just basically went back on DC++ and chatted to random people, mostly Charli, having a fun time chatting to her lately even though we haven’t met yet. LOL. It’s like internet dating again only completely different.

Oh and the “toast” reference in the title is that I had breakfast for the first time in absolutely ages. Which was toast. Peanut butter on toast. This lead to a fantastic idea about running a cyber cafe where we serve toast. With peanut butter or marmite, and a selection of jams. Also, milk, coffee and of course slush puppies. I think it will be marvellous.

Incidentally, I found this incredible link which searching the internet for toast (like you do) to see if anyone thought of our idea first. Parenthetically, (I have no idea what that means, found it on the thesaurus in my Word Processor, doesn’t it make me look smart/odd) no-one else has thought of it *runs to the patent office*

Had a rather brief but memorable chat with PractiseVoodoo today, about homebase, wilkinsons and Google News. I have no idea why I mentioned that I just thought I would sound like I am actually doing something with my life.

Oh, and *shock!* the photos were fakes.

So.. yeah! You can tell I’m VERY bored and have very little to do, because the blog is increasingly getting full of completely random and nonsensical things. But it’s fun!

Cya laters

PS. – Just thought I’d say “near-duplicates web-sized pre-parsed systems-related”. You’ll find out why if you search for “near-duplicates web-sized pre-parsed systems-related” sometime in the future. It’s all a Google inside joke really.

food: toast!
activities: cheesy, also anything but sleeping, mostly watching friends
next events: exams!!!

* possibly not true. Don’t be angry with me!

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