No More Exams!

OK Haven’t written here in a long time, and I’m currently bored while I rip DVDs for sharing on the hub, so thought I would give you the low-down on what’s been going on. Although I warn you: I can’t remember details.

Thursday 20th I had an exam (AI). Exam went pretty well. I’m pretty sure I passed lol. That night though, Charli and Jay randomly went to Tesco at like 3am, so I asked Charli to get me milkshake! She came round with it that night/morning and we all properly chatted for the first time (I’ve met jay before at the LGB but never talked), we got on well and were talking well into the early hours of the morning. Arranged to meet the next night at Cheesy Tunes.

Friday 21st That night was Cheesy!! Went with Jenny and Laura, and met Charli and Jay there. Charli was having a strange concoction of drinks, trying to get her drunk so she would go to cheesy with us (she’s more of a rock chick than pop lol) while we were there we met Ross and his friend Chris, and also Charli’s friend who was also called Chris. Charli’s friend laughed at us because we were dancing to cheesy music, although we have no idea why he went because he never danced at all. By the end of the night, Charli was loving it heh heh. Afterwards I went back home and had a drunken Charli ringing the bell for an extended period of time, then shouting up the stairs at me to go back out, was very funny.

Weekend Can’t really remember what happened on the weekend? That’s pretty bad. But probably means I spent most the time lazing around (and revising) and stuff.

Monday 24th Java exam was today. I did pretty good. Pretty confident I at least passed lol. Note to self: next year, go to lectures. It all seemed like I was guessing stuff this year lol.

Tuesday 25th Can’t really remember much of what happened those few days either, spent most the time either watching crap on my computer (so I can delete it and download more crap) or revising. Charli and I met to go to the campus shop and ended up chatting for like 3 hours on the steps outside my flat. But I can’t remember if that was Monday or Tuesday. Probably Tuesday. I have a really bad memory. Charli and I were currently bidding on something rather funny on eBay, which we won much to our excitement.

Wednesday 26th Last exam! Multiple choice questions on computer laws… pretty much the whole room had finished it in 15mins when it was a 2 hour exam! So they let us go early. Piece of cake! The invidulator was nice, she reminded me of a nice version of “Mrs Worthless” from Springwood! eBay items arrived and we played with them, lol. If you’re on my MSN you will have seen a picture of one of them, rather funny. Spent a lot of the afternoon with Charli on some websites looking at clothes and stuff to buy. Bought a very offensive tee-shirt (I wanted them all!) which Mum will not approve of (so she won’t see it lol).

Also started ripping some more of my DVDs to share them with the people of DC. My gift to them, as thanks for all the cool stuff I’ve downloaded lol.

Also this week, majourly fell out with Terry but then made up, and now my number one problem I had with him is totally gone, in a rather ironic comedy-style way. Made a new friend as well and been invited to her house heh. He wasn’t happy about that. But we can all be friends now, so everyones happy.

So that means I AM going home this weekend (there was a long debate about that) as it’s Terry’s birthday! So will get to see him, then at the end of June he will come here. Very exciting.

So there ya have it, my catch-up post. Sorry I couldn’t remember more details, so much more than that has happened but I put off the blogging right to the last minute. From now on will blog more often (just as soon as I get back to uni from home!)

activities: lots of stuff! see above!
next events: last episode of friends! also going home to see terry

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