Yesterday night, Jenny, Laura and Dan came over and we all played a game of Mario Party 4!! Was really fun, I loved it, but something tells me Jenny was not too impressed 😐 afterwards we played some other games including Tekken, but Jenny went home. After Laura went home at about 1 or 2, me and Dan continued to play Zelda until … get this … 6.30am in the morning! Needless to say, I slept in a lot this morning!

Got up at around 3pm, then got some dinner etc. Carried on playing Zelda (I’m hooked!) and then at 7.30 we went to the pub quiz! Did quite well but not well enough, but was good to get out and give Zelda a break lol!

After the pub me and Dan played Zelda again … yeah you heard … we can’t get enough! Well technically *I* played it and he watched, but sometimes he was Tingle! I think I’ve almost completed it though 🙂 not long until LoK:Defiance, Sonic Heroes and The Sims 2 come out though, so will get hooked on a new game soon no doubt…!

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