They’re back!!

Today, at around 4.15pm, Jenny came back to uni! I helped her carry her (numerous) bags and things into her room, was so good to have company again πŸ™‚ we played Eyetoy and Dancemat for a while, and caught up on all the goings-on over xmas. Later Laura came back too πŸ™‚ she was supposed to be here Saturday but van broke down in Birmingham! LOL. We played more Eyetoy, exchanged Xmas presents, and chatted some more, then went to the pub πŸ™‚ we got quite tipsy, me and Laura having Cider & Black (Katie’s recommendation lol) and Jenny having Vodka & Cranberry Juice (sounds vile!). We chatted about lots of stuff, I talked about random goings on with Terry over Xmas, Laura talked about how some people have changed because of university, Jenny talked about her brother, uncle, and scary movies. Which got us on to the, often inevitable, subject of scary movies. Which was fun πŸ™‚ we made a mental note of all the scary movies we should watch this term, should be fun πŸ™‚

We also said we should do a Ouiji board some time! There once was a time that I wouldn’t dream of doing that, was shit scared hearing about Dad’s horror stories and watching films like Long Time Dead but me and Laura were having a laugh about it and think would be SO freaky if it worked. I really wanna know if the paranormal is true, and what better way to find out? Of course there is the risk of death etc… *shrug* 😐

4 days until Terry comes down here! Yay! We may be going to Lush, an RnB night, cos I have got our names on the list so can skip the queues πŸ™‚ but not sure if Jenny wants to miss Cheesy, and not sure if going out off-campus is such a gd idea, would rather get drunk on campus lol! We really want a night of getting absolutely bladdered, as we haven’t been like that yet and we deserve it! LOL! And would be a good thing to bond! And Terry likes getting drunk because he doesn’t get to do it often, what with the driving, and wouldn’t like to think he has more fun at Vilius’ (that topic came up in the pub as well!)

Lessons start tomorrow! Will be quite fun, learning new stuff (finally, new stuff!)

Watching Red Dwarf, fun! Have finally cleared my room, still need to vacuum tho. Have got a new TV! So finally have a TV that works! Wooo lol.

Anyway, going to sign off now. Missing you Terry πŸ™

Oh, and 14.285714285714286% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?

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