Terry’s gone

Terry left today. Yes he stayed a day extra. I wanted to blog what happened every day but can’t remember most of it! Mostly we just hugged! But Friday night Terry, Jenny, Laura and I went to Cheesy Tunes – was loads of fun, Terry got really drunk for the first time since Boxing day and really had a good time. We met up with Ross, who said Terry is a good dancer (he so is!) and Terry got to see Joe, the fit DJ who everyone (including Terry now) fancies. To quote Laura “awwww he’s so fit!”. When we got home Terry went onto my MSN on the internet and proceeded in telling people from my contact list how great in bed I am… LOL was funny but as he was signed in as me it sounded like I was bigging myself up! (no pun intended there).

Saturday night, Terry, Jenny, Laura, Greg and I went to the Big Cheese. It didn’t really fill up until around 12am and by then Terry went back home because he was tired, the lack of sleep over the last few days taking its tole. Greg went home not too shortly after, but Jenny, Laura and I stayed on. We saw Clea the live band, they were not that great and got cheers of “Girls Aloud! Girls Aloud!” shouted at them. Joe handed out signed photos of them, and then Laura was delighted when he gave a signed copy of their single to her! “Best thing is he touched me and we danced!” hehe bless her. I got home and Terry was in bed, with Mariah singing him to sleep. I’ll never forget the next morning, he had forgotten what happened that night, was so funny.

On Sunday, Vil came round 😀 he got here around tea time, and Vilius, Terry, Jenny, Laura, Dan and I went to SX Express for food (Pat was supposed to come too, and was bringing loads of booze, but he got a puncture and could not come). I thought the food was alright but the others weren’t convinced. We went to the bar, but there was a quiz on and so it was packed so we went to the games room and played on the arcade games, was a lot of fun. Later on we went back to the flats and watched The Little Mermaid round Jennys (LOL that always happens), then after a while we went to mine to watch Event Horizon (scary film) so Jenny did not come 🙁 no-one was impressed by the film bar me and Vil who think it’s damn scary. We played Super Monkey Ball on multiplayer, was a lot of fun and Laura was kicking ass, then played a few other favourites such as Gitaroo-Man (we love it). Laura went home as it was getting late, and Terry wanted to go to bed lol. Vil was on the internet until the early hours of the morning, and we didn’t get to sleep until 5.30am, Vilius sleeping on the floor, bless him. Monday Morning Vil got up bright and early and we made breakfast, he invited Dan round and we played MarioKart Double Dash. Terry and I had a shower which didn’t go down too well with Vil and Dan, as they said we were in there far too long… LOL.

We took Terry to an A.I. lecture. Usually my favourite subject, it was rather boring this time.. typically the time we drag Terry along! Was fun though and Terry kept pointing out when he used terms from psychology, explaining what they mean and trying to look intelligent hehhe was fun.

Terry had to go home on Tuesday, as Monday night he got a phone call from his mum (at the most inappropriate time) saying he should come home for her birthday! Oops! She also thought he has a girlfriend at the uni and he stays with me to go see her… not quite… he really has to tell him Mum lol. Tuesday morning he was supposed to go home early but we didn’t get up in time, so we rang Dan and all went to Mondo for dinner before he left. We saw Ross and had a chat, Ross later commenting “you’ve got a good one there with terry by the way, stick with him” 🙂 after dinner (which was really nice, and I’m well getting into Cider & Black, thanks Katie for recommending it hehe) we stayed with Terry at the bus stop until his bus came. Most of today I have spent sleeping, trying to fix my sleeping pattern lol.

Later today, Jenny messaged me on MSN and asked about Terry living with us next year.. she had been talking to Laura about it and are really pepped up about it. They really like him (yay! how could you not?) and think it would be really fun to live with him next year. So if we are still together (we should be, it’s almost 7 months now and we are perfectly happy) then it will happen! Yay!

After Terry got home we were texting eachother about the week we’ve spent together. We really do get closer everytime we see eachother, and not only are we eachother’s longest relationship but also the closest, most loving, most fun. We are perfect for each other, it’s so good. And I can’t ever see us breaking up. Oh, and we are also “engaged” hehe. We were talking about getting engaged, married, etc., apparently the only time a woman should propose to a man is on a leap year, Feb 29th. Strange, I thought it’s a leap year this february so I said we should get engaged then. We thought why wait, so we are now engaged lol “verbally” as we don’t have a ring or anything. But that would be conforming a bit too much. It’s all silly really but it’s sweet.

Anyway, that’s what’s been happening, enough of the slushy stuff! Gonna go to bed now, lectures in the morning.

Shaun :p

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