Job done

First of all, am I missing something?? In December, my “404” page was most visited page on my site, with 8,418 hits! That’s nothing compared to the 210,790 hits I got that month, but it is still very curious. Looking back at all my stats, ever since July (when the new site was introduced, and old content was deleted) a LOT of my hits have been the 404 page. So that means a LOT of people are looking for something that isn’t there anymore. What could it be??

Secondly, I’ve tidied my room! It only took all day.. lol.. had to finish unpacking from when I got here last weekend, make my bed and do a general clean-up of everything, (was going to vacuum but got chatting on the internet, will have to do it another day). Overall, I am pleased with the result, Mum would be proud, hehe.

I promised I would upload the pictures from my phone on Dec 21st, well never one to disappoint I have uploaded them now. Here they are (click the images to expand). Sorry about the poor colour, it doesn’t like taking photos in the dark

(sorry, photos not on new site)

Daniel and I played Alien VS Preditor 2 on the LAN, was a lot of fun – more so than normal deathmatch because of the strategies involved (Marine best at killing Aliens, Aliens best at killing Preditors, Preditors best at killing Marines) would be a lot of fun at the LAN event, will have to suggest it!

That’s about it for today 🙂 it’s 2am, me and Dan are going to go to bed after this episode of the PJs lol. We always stay up ages on the phone, yesterday we were talking until 5am! Random. Anyway, night.

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