I’m all alone, there’s no-one here beside me…

Jenny and Greg have gone! And I think most of the other people have gone too, all I know who is definately here is Eiko (w00t).

Last night was really funny, had a “party” in the kitchen, we didn’t have any music because didn’t want to get in trouble or get any complaints, so we had to make our own entertainment, Greg showed us how to play Walk The Plank, we chatted a lot (lots about gay people.. lol..) and drank lots! Was lots of fun, but was very hung over the next morning, and had to hand in my assignment! Got 100% though so I’m happy about that!

Haven’t really done much at all today. Been getting hassled by a certain someone who shall remain nameless.. really just wanna get him out of my life but he lives in Lynn and goes out to the same places we do, and is friends with Terry’s friends, so can’t get rid of him. Now he reckons he chats to one of my ex’s.. don’t know who he means, unless it’s James. Can just imagine them plotting behind my back, it’s sickening.

Anyway enough about that! You can tell it’s pissed me off, lol. Gotta pack later, still haven’t done anything constructive. Was gonna go out with Laura to Cheezy Tunes or something but she’s not answering my phone and I don’t know if I have the energy/money lol. Just bought some prezzies on Amazon, pretty much done my Xmas shopping now.

Eiko and all of her chinese friends have taken over the kitchen. I suppose I should have expected this, after we had our party last night. Greg got Eiko an Xmas present as well! lol. Will pack later, or possibly tomorrow, I’m just watching Eastenders: poor Mo!

– Shaun

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