Not posted in ages!

Why have I not posted in ages? It’s not like I haven’t had the time! It’s been reading week, I’ve only had 1 lesson all week!

I guess I just couldn’t be bothered. And it’s not like anything special has happened. Stay up til 5am, sleep til 3pm, repeat. Have been sorting out Christmas presents for Dan, Terry etc! Got Terry a really cool present (well, 2 actually) but not sure if he will like them! They are the kinda presents I’d want someone to buy for me! Hehe. Would upload a pic of one of them but, as I blogged earlier this month, Terry reads this. Sometimes. Not often.

Yes I hardly ever use the webcam by the way. It’s mostly cos I’ve not been bothered. And need a hair cut lol. The weblog will not be on over Xmas, as I won’t have an internet connection most of the time! How will I cope!! Oh well, will have my Christmas presents to keep me happy! And Terry! Oh and my family and all that Xmas Cheer 😛 Now is a good time to Plug my Wishlist

Where’s the comb? There it is!
Where’s the comb? There it is!

Been watching Finding Nemo loads! It’s so good! Can’t wait to see it with Terry and Vilius as well! They will love it hehe!

Dad’s been making me update and is threatening me with living in the garage if I don’t do it! I’m not even getting paid for it, offering the time, the space and bandwidth for free! How nice am I! But think I will have to get some money from the community to pay for the site because the April D-Day is not far away! LOL.

Just watched “Dare to Believe”! That random show me, Dan, Laura and Chris watched in like the second week when we were randomly drunk! (Well not Dan of course) was much funnier when we were drunk! Now it’s just bizzare!

What’s this? Top Hat!
What’s this? Top Hat!

Can’t wait to go home and see Terry! Going home on the 27th! w00t! Was going to be 28th but now I think it will be 27th! To spend more time with Terry! And will see Katie and Vil! YAY!
Been downloading Cartoons too! I love having such a fast internet connection! I remember the Wuzzles! Like BumbleLion and ButterBear! Used to have one! Bless me! LOL.

OK it seems like this program just re-uses the same old jokes lol. They probably don’t even re-film them, they are exactly the same!
I’m going to make an Animal Crossing blog! Animal Crossing truly is the greatest game ever bar Kingdom Hearts! If you have fast internet connection check out The Cool E3 Footage! It looks so good! Can’t wait to get it! That’s if I get the Xmas prezzies I want! LOL!

Three Otters (3)
Correction: No Otters (0)

Oh! Me and Dan walked all the way to Tescos! And all the way back with heavy shopping! Because Pat would not take us! And Daniel had this big fuck-off present for his Mum! I’m not going to put what it is here on the off chance she might read this! Oh who am I kidding? It’s a giant Tigger! That talks when you hug it! Pretty cool but was so funny taking it all the way home!

Can’t really remember anything else that has happened! Oh yeah I now have 320 Sega games! How cool is that! Pity about 200 of them are crap lol. I am so gonna have that Nostalgia week! Look out for that!

Anways, byeee!

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