Just keeps getting better!

OK so I’ve been really gloomy today, because after spending 4 days with Terry, without losing sight of him once, I am now back on my ownsome! Had to play music to get to sleep because I had no-one to cuddle! (Long story, basically whenever I am lonely, upset, nervous, etc. I can’t sleep unless I have music. I was like that years ago, then again before I went to uni, then needed music for like a week when I was at uni, and needed it again last night. If any of my flatmates are reading this they’re probably thinking “so YOU’RE the bugger with the late night music!”)

But after a really long chat with Terry online (until nearly 2am) I am feeling much better! Had a deep, meaningful chat talking about everything to do with our relationship! Sounds so naíve but we are SO gonna last forever!! We are made for eachother!

This is starting to become my “Terry Blog” lol, thats all I talk about now 🙂 so here’s what else I’ve been doing!

Early start with the labs this morning, started the CC153 assignment 2! Is quite difficult but have 2 weeks to ponder on it! Got quite a lot of homework for Thursday so am gonna get it all done tomorrow! Talk about last minute lol! Next week (Week 8 ) is reading week! Which means not many lessons! w00t! But also means Maths test!!

Jenny told Greg I’m gay! Which is good cos hate being in the closet! He said we won’t be as awkward anymore lol (cos I never really spoke to him much, straight guys who don’t know about me really intimidate me lol) and me, Jen and Greg met in the kitchen for a drink and some biscuits lol.

Had no pictures in a while! So here is one!

(pic doesn’t work on new site sorry)

food: breakfast, lunch: cheese sandwiches, tea: cod, waffles, mixed veg + mushrooms
activities: long terry chat, assignment
next events: probably cheesy tunes on friday, BIG CHEESE with E17 (school uniform required) on 22nd!

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