Good things come to those who wait

Yay, the internet connection in my room has finally been fixed (after me and Jenny reported them being slow, in all the south courts) so now I have faster-than-broadband speed in my room šŸ˜€

Also (should have mentioned it first but doesn’t fit with the title lol) as Terry put it, we are getting better every month! It’s almost 5 months now! And we are seriously talking about moving in together next year lol (when I have to get a house). Learnt the other day that Terry wants to be a cop! So he could apply for essex police and live with me! Is this too much wishful thinking? lol. I do think we will still be together by then tho!

Got homework to do still! Don’t like it! Even tho Dan worked out it only accounts for 1.5% of this year’s mark! LOL! And I only need 40% this year! And it doesn’t count towards next year, so I don’t need to do any good! Why does this not reasure me? I feel like I have to do really well! LOL!

Had Steak and Kidney pie for tea.. didn’t like it much :-/
Anyway gonna go play Sega games with Dan online! (gave them to Terry, he loves them lol and is giving them out to his friends too – so illegal!)

– Shaun

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