Laundry, Lesbians, Pirates and Funky Shoes

Yesterday morning (Sunday) we got up (fairly) early to go to Laudrette! Me, Dan, Jenny and Laura took our clothes down to the laundrette and stood around for a while! Cos we didn’t know what to do! Took us ages to figure out how much detergent to use (and Dan spilled like HALF my detergent on the floor!!!) and we needed to get change from the SU Bar. Went there earlier to play on the LightGun games!! I like Virtua Cop 3 better than Time Crisis, it’s really fun and has this bullet-time effect that is cool! LOL but it’s expensive to keep playing!

ANYWAY I digress. While the wash was going (40 bloody minutes!!) Me and Dan popped down to a computer lab to download the Unreal Tournament 2003 Epic Bonus Pack (Still need to sort out my net connection in my room, is not fast enough). Was a waste of time cos for some reason it didn’t burn on my disc properly so had to download it from Dan over the LAN! Didn’t take long tho so now I’m playin all new modes for UT2k3 w00t.

Took the clothes outta the wash, they weren’t too wet so 5 mins in the dryer and hanging up on the radiator in my room sorted them out! Altho my boxers are a bit wet LOL (no rude jokes…) So there you have it I have done the laundry! Didn’t do my whites tho, no time or money lol (2 quid! Rip off!) we decided to have a random laundry party night where we go there at like 3am and play music and do our laundry! It’s cheaper at that time too woo!

That night I went to the LGB society night! Had no idea what to expect, was imaginging sitting around in Mondo talking, or getting all political, but was actually really good! Met up with Ross, Will, Chris and (someone? Don’t know her name!) at the SU Bar, then after a while we went to Mondo. Ross mentioned his new shoes (red! matched his outfit and looked pretty sweet, £12.75!) about a hundred times, lol, I think he was loving it. Apart from the bunch of straight guys who came dressed as women to take the piss, just about everyone there was gay/lesbian which meant the dance floor was pretty packed! I proceeded to get a bit drunk and dance the night away LOL. This woman “Kaz” (she was a REALLY good dancer lol) offered to get me a drink, I went to hand her the money and she said was on her, so I was chuffed about that lol (someone getting me and drink and not wanting in my pants! Or maybe she did! LOL jk). Was really fun dancing with Ross he makes me chuckle 😛 music was pretty good, apart from the “misfit” music which thankfully didn’t last too long! The “crowd pleasers” certainly got me dancing! 😉

At 12.30 they closed (bit early but was a sunday!) and Ross walked me home (didn’t want me getting attacked by Pirates lol) was really nice. Went to my room and chatted on the net for ages before going to bed!

– Shaun

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