New Site, New Blog, New Beginnings!

With 6th form just a thing of the past, and university looming up, it really is a time for new beginnings. So I ask myself; why not make a new site design with a new blog and new content?! So that’s exactly what’s happened.

To sum up my life in the last month (the period in which I’ve been going online much less and people are beginning to think I am dead) here’s what’s been going on:

* As from 5th July, I’ve been seeing Terry – known him 2 years, got together in a crazy set of circumstances, been going out over a month and it’s really going strong, you know the story by now!!

* Been working my butt off! Saving up for my laptop (which I am going to order any day soon.. yipee!)

* Had a big fallout with Zoe, Terry’s best friend! So that’s not good, we can’t all go out as mates! And it’s really doing my head in.

* Parents went on holiday which meant – big parties!! Nahh didn’t really have any parties but DID have friends over a lot, including things I can’t write here in case they find out! LOL.

* Got my A level results!! B, B, E! You heard it here first! The E was from AS level, so doesn’t really count (but it’s maths ew.) and I’ve been accepted in my first choice (Essex uni) and am gonna go study in october!! Good news for my academic life but not for my love life 🙁 as I’ll be leaving Terry behind!

* Had about a month of not speaking to Eddy (one of my best mates on the internet, also good real-life friend and ex!) cos he got jealous over the Terry thing (and yes I was a bit tactless) but now we’re talking again now even if he thinks he ‘still can’t trust me’

* Joined the gym almost 2 months ago, been going with Vilius! Spend most of the time in the Spa/Sauna/Steam Room/Swimming Pool, and the Spa is mine and Vilius’ talking place, where we talk about everything!! It’s really cool.

Lots more has been happening as well, I can defo say this has been the busiest ‘summer hols’ I’ve ever had! It’s been wicked. I’ll keep you posted!

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